An Inside Job


Book Description

An Inside Job asks us to look at the anxiety epidemic in the world from a different perspective and invites a new conversation for a powerful solution. Until now, the anxiety cure has been sought in the outside world. Governments and corporations should fix the danger out there in the world and rescue us from insecurity and worry.

Closer to home we’ve looked to other circumstances and people to blame for our feelings of anger, fear, distrust and pain: bosses, spouses, friends and those different from us. We numb ourselves in search of anxiety relief by escaping into wine and carbs or ill-fated attempts to control the things and people around us.

The fight/flight response that meant life or death survival for our ancestors now means anxiety disorders filled with sleepless nights, Prozac, web surfing, painful relationships and trying to have it all while we do it all.

We look outside of ourselves for solutions – other people, medicine, distractions – while in reality, it’s an inside job. An Inside Job demonstrates that it’s lack of love and respect that cause us this deep distress.

Bethany Eaton says anxiety no more and offers 5 steps for learning to love ourselves again. Self-love creates the capacity for empathy, compassion and love to flow out into the world. It then dominoes out to those around us, the policies we make at the family, work, community, government and corporate levels. It heals the anxious suffering in the world. An Inside Job will help you create more peace and joy in your life while calming your anxiety panic.

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