Am I The Reason I’m Not Getting Pregnant?

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Book Description

Are you really doing everything you can to get pregnant?

If you have tried every treatment, diet, supplement, and yoga pose you can to improve your fertility but found that nothing is working, this question owns you. Are you overlooking something? Is there something else you should be doing? Worst of all, could the problem just be…you?

What if you could learn the secret to trading that fear for the unwavering confidence and certainty you are truly doing everything you can – with zero regret? It’s time you met Rosanne Austin, JD, PCC, the coach women around the world turn to when they want success on their fertility journey. In Am I the Reason I’m Not Getting Pregnant? Rosanne shares:

  • The genius hack for getting back on the road to fertility success, regardless of age, past “failures,” and scary statistics
  • The secret to making fertility decisions like an expert, so you improve your chances of getting pregnant immediately and don’t waste time or resources
  • How to create the perfect Bump Squad, so you can finally get the support you really want – even from people you think won’t “get” it
  • What it takes to crush fear, doubt, negativity, and spinning in “what-if”s so they don’t wreck your results or set you up for soul-searing regret
  • Daily practices that will empower you to never have to utter the words, “What should I do,” ever again

This is where Girl, Wash Your Face meets the fertility journey. Get ready to unleash unshakable confidence and certainty on the road to motherhood!

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