Always With Me

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Book Description

Even after the intense pain of the death of a loved one, you can be happy again.

Losing a loved one to death, especially after a long-term relationship, can be exceedingly painful. The intense emotions can feel overwhelming and even paralyzing at times. The joy you once felt seems to be gone and impossible to recover. The days are dark and the nights are even darker. It is easy to get lost in the uncertainty of the future. Will I find happiness? Will I love again?

In Always with Me, Michelle Smith, yoga therapist and energy worker, will show you how to journey back to happiness and connection once again. Using her years of training and experience in the field of integrative medicine, Michelle will show you how to:

  • Use the various tools of Integrative Medicine to know that you are not alone
  • Use physical postures, breath work, and meditation practices to find happiness after loss
  • Embrace the power of Reiki or physical touch to feel more connected to everyone
  • Immerse yourself in the healing sounds and vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowls to shift into a new space of happiness and peace.
  • Know peace within independent of what’s going on around you.

If you are feeling the intense pain of loss from death, Always with Me will guide you to discover that happiness is possible once again.

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