All the Good Ones are NOT Taken

Linda Yalen

Book Description

I’m female, over 50 and single, why can’t I find a decent date?
Happiness and self-love is within your power, even at an age considered “over the hill” by some! By creating a mindset filled with positive beliefs about love and compatibility, you will begin to manifest the perfect relationship for yourself.
In All the Good Ones Are Not Taken, author Linda Yalen helps you understand the potential for a successful relationship, regardless of past failures. You’ll get relationship guidance to help you open your heart and imagine the possibility of a desirable love interest, learn how to think “outside the box,” discover the practice self-love, and put aside your fear that it is too late to find someone.

In this book, you will:
Find out which of the three signals you’re sending out and how it affects a man’s attraction to you!
Learn a simple tool that will change the type of men you attract!
Idenfity the make or break behaviors that can either boost your chances of love or sabotage it completely!
Understand how your personal frequency may not be aligned with what you want in a partner – and how to fix it (without changing the core of who you are!)
Learn the secret to feeling confident in who you are, and not repeating mistakes from the past that have held you back

Everyone has the capacity to tap into their inner goddess and find love and romance … at any age! Whether you were in an abusive relationship, have always been alone, or have repeatedly chosen an incompatible partner, it’s time to re-evaluate what you really want and deserve. Your inner beauty and positive energy can attract many – and, ultimately, the match you have been waiting for. Begin your transformation … there is no better time to start than now!

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