Aging in Place


Book Description

Overwhelmed by Handling Your Aging Loved One’s Affairs?

Are your parents’ estate planning and other documents in good order? Do you know what their real wishes are and how you can honor them?

Are you struggling with where your parent can be best cared for following a hospital stay?

Are you feeling guilty and like you’re being manipulated by your family?

Have you and your loved ones discussed the extra care and physical, spiritual, and emotional support enrolling your loved one in a hospice program will provide?

You are not alone. In Aging in Place, author Mary Mashburn gives you the information and support you need as you and your parents face the challenges of aging, no matter in what stage of the process you find yourselves. A paralegal in an elder law firm with a special emphasis on guardianships as well as elder law planning, Mary has over 30 years’ experience offering support and guidance to hundreds of people facing these issues.

You will learn:

  • How to handle the roadblocks and pitfalls you and your family might encounter
  • Planning techniques, and local as well as national resources that help along the way
  • How to find comfort and support for the entire family

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