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What is ADHD?

Just the term Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder would lead us to believe that ADHD is a disorder. Some describe it as a chronic disease, a common childhood illness. Interestingly enough, one doctor calls it a “concoction of the pharmaceutical industry.” What is it really? And most importantly, what are parents to do about it?

Lisa Cavallaro worked in schools as a family therapist and saw firsthand what was possible when parents adjusted their style with unfocused, hyperactive kids. And since she’s expanded her work to include giving parents tools that leverage law of attraction principles, positive results have skyrocketed.

In ADHD The NATURAL Way—Thinking Outside The Pill Box, Lisa offers her seven-point plan for dealing with kids diagnosed with ADHD. She shares the personal stories that inspired the passion she has for the subject and also includes a chapter on the $10 Billion industry Big Pharma has built marketing drugs to children.

NATURAL is an acronym Cavallaro created to describe the approach she trains parents to use:

  • Narrow Your Focus—Knowing What To Believe About ADHD
  • Anticipate Results—With ADHD (And Everything) We Get What We Expect
  • Think and Feel—Charting What’s Best For Your ADHD Child
  • Upgrade Yourself—You Know More Than You Think, And It’ll Help Your Child
  • Rewrite Your Story—Using Law of Attraction To Manage ADHD Symptoms
  • Align, Align Align—One Simple Step To Keep Kids Moving Toward Their Greatest Potential
  • Launch Your Happy Campaign—ADHD Kids Need Happy Parents, Not Perfect Parents

After reading this book, parents will become familiar with a plan that involves neither force nor medication. The NATURAL approach is purely solution and parent focused— its main side effect being relief.

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