A Good Day at School


Book Description


Are big emotions keeping your child out of school? 

Big emotions will also be overwhelming for your child. . . and your family. They may be able to cause your child to miss school or avoid interaction with their favorite people and places. For both the parent and the child, each day is usually a struggle.

Family coach and metaphysician Kat Mulvaney is no stranger to the emotions children face. She has worked extensively with parents who have been told their child can no longer attend school or that their child’s out-of-regulate emotions are to blame for their troubling behavior. Most importantly, she has guided dozens of families out of emotional turmoil and into peace.

In A Good Day at School, Kat lays out her 5 principles for parents to show you:

  • The truth about why your child feels emotions so strongly and what you’ll be able to do about it today
  • The reason your child stands out at school or in public (it’s good news!)
  • Tools and games your family can rely on all the way through times of stress, the usage of items you already own
  • The universal laws that great minds have been the usage of for centuries to reach peace, clarity, and connection
  • The superpowers we were all born with and how kids need them now, more than ever

Don’t let another week slip by without the toughen of these life-changing tools. Help your child have a peaceful day and get them back into the activities they love.

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