9 Steps to Artistic Freedom


Book Description

Artists contribute richness to our lives. How is it that so many artists struggle to survive?

Gwenda Joyce, the Art Ambassador, has developed 9 crucial steps for artists so they can take their careers to new heights. Based on her successful “Yes!” Coaching Program, this book takes artists through a step by step process that moves them past frustration and into comfort, abundance and creative flow while helping them have meaningful connection with their audiences and live joyfully as entrepreneurs as well as artists.

This book will prepare the artist to be:

  • In demand by galleries
  • Sought after by the buying public
  • Ready for exhibitions

By reading this book, artists can look forward to:

  • Stepping out into the world to show, sell and promote their art
  • Learning to manage challenges that block their progress
  • Navigating the steps that will bring sales and gallery representation
  • Creating favorable conditions to expand their vision
  • Enjoy living the artist’s life and make it sustainable.

With the techniques and processes laid out by Gwenda Joyce, artists and other creatives will experience a transformation. They will develop clarity, build confidence and gain a full understanding of what they need to do to fulfill their vision for success. They will reach the goals they’ve always dreamed of and discover that it doesn’t have to be so hard.

Gwenda Joyce was the founder and owner of the acclaimed Gwenda Jay Gallery in Chicago for 20 years. Ms. Joyce became the owner of the artist consulting firm, The Art Ambassador, contributing her expertise and experience to countless artists and entrepreneurs as a mentor and agent.

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