August: A True Story About Love, Sex, and Entrepreneurship

Michael Hrostoski

Book Description

August is the story of what happens when you break all the rules.

In this raw memoir, men’s coach Mike Hrostoski, exposes the truth behind life as a location independent 30-something entrepreneur.

Part summer vacation memoir and part personal growth guide, Hrostoski is boldly honest and radically authentic in sharing the secrets of his success in love and business. Not one to hide behind false confidence, Hrostoski brings the reader inside his world asking about the value of his own work throughout the journey.

“This idea is stupid.”
“No one is going to read this book.”
“The Amazon trolls are going to tear you to pieces. I can’t wait to read all the one star reviews.”
“No one cares about your life Mike.”
“You can’t write a book. Do you know how much work it takes to write a book?”

If you’ve ever created anything meaningful, you’ve probably faced the same set of internal critics. The voices in your head that tell you that you’re not good enough, smart enough, experienced enough, educated enough, tall enough, pretty enough, or creative enough to do it. Hrostoski’s book is a lesson in creation. “You just have to put a stake in the ground and figure it out along the way.” That’s what he did in August. It’s what he did in creating this book. And it’s what he shows you is possible for you.

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