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Book Cover Questionnaire



Thanks for helping us get you an amazing cover by completing this form with as much detail as possible. AND… don’t worry if you can’t answer every question.

Our artists are not looking for you to provide exact instructions, instead they use this to guide their design decisions to get you the best results possible.

We will purchase one cover stock image from at no additional charge to you. So please make sure your selected images are from only.

If you are providing your own image(s) or illustration please make sure that your image(s) are 300 + dpi, clear not blurred, and preferably already edited or clipped. In this instance please note that you would like to use your own imagery in the additional comments at the end of this form.

Finally, you are going to LOVE your cover! But following the process is key. Once you approve your cover changes can be made through our standard change process but this may cause a delay in publishing date.

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