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Best Money I Ever Spent

For the last year or so I’ve been joking that I’m allergic to my house. The allergy specifically manifested through my complete inability to be productive in any room of it. And so, for months I’ve been dodging into coffee shops and friend’s houses to get anything done. Heck, I even went to National Airport once to work. I thought the vibe of rushed travelers might be inspiring.

I didn’t know what was wrong with my house. I felt like shopping for a desk might help. Or getting some of my paperwork organized. But honestly what I was afraid of was that I was going to find out it wasn’t my house at all, it was me! I wasn’t cut out to be an entrepreneur – that I needed more rules and structure – that I wasn’t self disciplined enough.

That was what I didn’t want to face or find out…. So I’d keep questing after the perfect home away from home where I would be productive and push away the fears that I didn’t have the chops to be a business person.



When I hired Tami Mathisen to spend a couple weeks coaching me on setting up my home office and systems to support my business, I never could have expected a complete home and mindset transformation.




Here are a few of the unexpected lessons I learned:

  1. Not being able to find little things like a flat head screw driver or, say, my checkbook, can put me in a surprisingly bad mood and suck up hours of energy.
  2. Being rushed and disorganized in the morning is a symptom, not a cause! Having a beautiful home, a routine, and a plan is turning me into a morning person!
  3. The best systems don’t seem like systems and don’t require willpower to maintain.
  4. Structure can increase creativity and possibility. (I was really convinced the opposite was true).
  5. The best coaches can help you find and face your fears in the most unexpected places.

If you came to my house before my intensive with Tami you would have told me I had a lovely home and it wouldn’t have seemed disorganized or cluttered. I just thought I had a little tweaking to do here and there. What I learned was I wasn’t set up for success. A major reshuffle – while more work up-front – could completely simplify my life and frankly just make everything more fun.

Tami calls this “My Flourish Life” and I so get what that means now. Frankly, part of what I’ve learned is that if you have a goal you aren’t reaching or a problem you aren’t solving, there is no shame in hiring help. Two weeks with Tami was an investment that will pay back in multiples. Plus, I’m no longer allergic to my house.

P.S. I’m off to Portland for the World Domination Summit. (No, it’s not kinky.) Looking forward to celebrating the impending launch of Difference Press author Michelle Mazur’s new book “Speak Up for Your Business.” Stay tuned for more info on that book launch next week!

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