We Know Books Make The Biggest Difference

Here at The Author Incubator we think it’s pretty clear that writing a book is the best way to create a positive impact that ripples outward into the universe. 800+ Incubated Authors don’t lie. But think about it— a book gives you, as a creator of change, a platform to stand on. Simply having your name … Continued

Why The Author Incubator Bought* A Bank

For the past few months, we’ve been focusing a lot on the concept of transformation around here. Last month we hosted a series called The Transformational Author Summit, which included authors from every stage in the process of transformative authorship, including Oprah’s ex-producer, Sheri Salata. And Sheri’s book launch seemed like a pretty great excuse … Continued

Let’s Talk About The Weight of Success

None of us here at The Author Incubator ever had any doubt that our CEO was eventually going to hit the silver screen. And we could have assumed that, however it came about, anything featuring Angela would be inherently dramatic. But over a year after we started filming first shots I think it’s safe to … Continued

We Are Not 1-900 Operators

Remember back in the ’90s there were these 1-900 lines where people would call and role play with the operator about their fantasies? And the operator on the other end would play the part and engage them, knowing that none of it was ever going to happen in real life? There is a LOT of this going on in … Continued

What Dragon-Slayers and Incubated Authors Have in Common

The first memoir I ever read was Slaying the Dragon: How to Turn Your Small Steps Into Great Feats. It was written by 4-time Olympic gold medalist sprinter Michael Johnson. Impressionable and endlessly curious as a youngster, two obsessions began shortly thereafter: learning everything I could about dragons (I was 8 years old!) and setting and achieving … Continued

Taking A Stand For Life Coaches Worldwide

We’re grateful beyond words for your response to the premiere of a new documentary featuring Dr. Angela that takes a stand for life coaches worldwide and will help take life coaching further into the mainstream. 150 coaches traveled to Palm Springs, California from all over the United States and beyond to join Dr. Angela and … Continued

Taco Tuesday Wisdom

  Story Time: One of the fun things we do here at The Author Incubator is company-sponsored Taco Tuesdays. We order tacos for everyone on staff who works from our Georgetown office in Washington, DC (we have staff all around the world from California to Poland!). At lunchtime our local team of about 25 descend … Continued

The HUGE Mistake Most First-Time Authors Make

In helping nearly 1,000 authors write best-selling self-help books, we’ve found that the authors of the books that make the biggest impact begin the writing process by choosing a SINGLE ideal reader and writing their books as a love letter to that person’s heart. This isn’t something most first-time authors (and many second- and third-time … Continued


IMAGE: Dr. Angela attempting to launch her business. 6 years ago this month, Dr. Angela founded The Author Incubator. She had a tiny team cobbled together through barters and trades and the dream of taking 17 years of publishing and marketing knowledge and putting it to use for life coaches and other healing professionals who wanted to … Continued

Afraid of Being Pigeon-Holed?

Most people who want to write a book with us get rejected because their idea is too generic and broad. They want to start a Global Self-Love Movement, but they lack a real plan for how to build that movement. They don’t know exactly who the movement will serve or how to reach them. They … Continued

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