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Afraid of Being Pigeon-Holed?

Most people who want to write a book with us get rejected because their idea is too generic and broad. They want to start a Global Self-Love Movement, but they lack a real plan for how to build that movement.

They don’t know exactly who the movement will serve or how to reach them.

They don’t have a concrete finish line to move toward.

They don’t know what the movement will actually cost in terms of time, effort, and money.

Nor do they have any idea how to generate the capital needed to create and sustain it.

So we tell them – we can build any movement you want if we can properly fund it.

In order to fund your movement here’s what we need to do:


“Great!” they say, “I’m all in. How do we do it?”

And we tell them that we have to pick a problem people already pay to solve and solve that problem more effectively.

But here’s the thing: nearly everybody who wants to write a world-changing book believes “self-love” is the problem that needs to be solved and should be the focus of their book.

They think, “If only people loved themselves and other people more, the world would be a much better place.”

While more love in the world is certainly a good thing, most people aren’t walking around consciously saying, “I wish someone would help me love myself more because I don’t know how.”

They aren’t running to the nearest bookstore or clicking internet purchase buttons in droves to buy “Self-Love for Dummies.”

They aren’t standing in lines wrapped around the building and extending down the street to buy the latest release in self-love gadgetry.

In other words, NO ONE spends money on a problem they DON’T KNOW THEY HAVE!

Unless you’re Oprah or some other wildly famous person with millions of people already in the wings to try anything you sell – even if they don’t know they need it – you have to solve a problem that people are consciously aware that they have and would use their own words to describe.

Words like:

  • I need to lose 100 pounds
  • My marriage is failing
  • I don’t know how to hire employees aligned with my company values
  • I have severe migraines and can’t get out of bed most days

While self-love is a PART of the solution to these problems, it’s not tangible enough to inspire people on its own.

All movements begin with a clear problem that motivates its constituents toward a dream come true. Toward a better world. Toward the promised land.

People would give their time, energy, money and in some cases even their lives to movements that solve tangible problems.

So then the aspiring author says, “But I don’t want to be pigeonholed into just doing one thing. I get bored. I want to create a business that is ever evolving. I want to feel freedom, 100% of the time in my business or I won’t do it.”

(This is where we have to call bullshit.)

“Okay,” we say. “Then you don’t want to start this movement.”

“Oh no, I do! I do!”

“No you don’t. Because if you really cared about your movement, you’d fund it. Full stop. No excuses.”

Choosing a specific problem to focus on is the most secure launchpad for your movement.

If you don’t have enough patience and focus to lay the foundation you call a pigeonhole, you damn sure don’t have enough patience and focus to follow through with the much larger mission that will be built on that foundation.

No one is removing your ability to evolve, shift and pivot into more alignment. On the contrary, that type of resilience is REQUIRED.

Successful movements aren’t often linear and will actually demand you to adjust course as the landscape changes.

But unless you’re willing to make a decision on where to begin, no movement will ever be in motion. No problems will have been solved. No territory will be gained.

And you must HAVE territory before you can expand the territory.

Being pigeonholed is actually useful. It means you actually have an audience of followers who are looking to you for leadership in that domain.

Plus, there’s money inside those pigeon-holes. Someone’s going to get it. It’s either you, or someone who cares about their mission more than you do.

And it’s a strategic boss move to leverage the notoriety you gain inside a pigeonhole in service of your larger movement.

Only then can a self-love movement become global.

That’s what Oprah did. She was pigeonholed as a news anchor, collected the coins inside that pigeonhole, leveraged that experience into a talk show, and now she has a multi-billion dollar, GLOBAL empire that allows her to do ALL THE THINGS because she was WILLING to be pigeonholed.

Every aspiring author we accept has chosen to be the person who leads their movement without excuses. To keep going and exhibit resilience even when it’s hard. To lean into a pigeonhole where REAL impact is made in REAL people’s lives.

And we’re only extending this invitation to apply to work with us if you’re that type of aspiring author.

Here’s the link:

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30 thoughts on “Afraid of Being Pigeon-Holed?”

  1. Hi Amari,
    I already applied. This week, I am leading ten four hour seminars and I grossed 150k last year. I am an extremely successful public speaker. I want to do a Ted talk and can ace it BUT want my book first. I’m different. People love my seminars and I need your help to get the book done.

    1. Congratulations on all your accomplishments Jamie! We will absolutely give your application a review and get back to you soon.

  2. I appreciate the feedback. But, as I have sit here and waited and given little teasers and even this dialogue is like it is created to give some type of response. I need help with helping others period. I am not a gimmick, about propaganda, or manipulation. I am real. I have hosted events where peope came and did not have to pay 1 cent with my own money. I have paid money for attires, people, and I have been a blessing to others (for Christmas, school, bills, furniture, etc.)using my own money. I realize the road that most people are traveling on, and to keep it basic: it is not good. People are lost, they need something real and honest. I know I do. I know it will give me hope, inspire me to excel, even motivate me to get out of bed when I don’t feel like. No one likes to be toyed with. I don’t ever ask of someone that I can’t give. I don’t believe in hype or making something more into something it is not. I believe in honesty, realness, and Truth. I will figure out a way to reach the people I need to, the right person will come and will help me accomplish this goal. Money will come . . . and go, but when a soul is lost then gone = it is gone. I do not like to have my time wasted. Thanks!

    1. We understand you’re ready to start your journey with us as soon as possible and we appreciate your enthusiasm. Currently, our talent team is flooded with applications as we receive up to 1,500 submissions a month. It takes some time to go through all of these and we want to make sure your application gets the proper time and attention it deserves. We understand the value of your time and will reach out to you soon. Thank you for your patience.

  3. Paulette Bartolacci

    I would love to write two books. One would be: What’s keeping me from loving you?
    The obstacles that keep people from even starting a relationship and/or what obstacles keep people from having fulfilling relationships.

    My second book would be:
    It’s not about you, it’s about me!
    How to stop living the life your parents wanted for you. How to stop the emotional baggage that leads to physical hurt.

  4. I hadn’t really considered approaching my “not yet well formed ideas/movement” or “topic” from the perspective raised above; the art of pigeon-holing. I must admit at the beginning of this blog, I first thought, “Well, why would I want to pigeon-hole my idea? This would defeat the purpose of standing out, of being cutting edge would it not?” But truthfully, it really did not take much more than about a minute once I read the whole blog through carefully, to realize that this made sense more than anything. For example, why would I want to struggle and become yet another “starving artist” (so to speak) to present AND TRY TO SELL my wonderful ideas to the world when I can ride on the coat tails of others? This approach is logical and rational and would ultimately cut many corners, save loads of time and sweat, assist in being more efficient, and best of all, reaching a larger audience sooner to make the difference I know I can make. A difference that I am destined to make. My written counsel would have a better chance of reaching at least a few more sets of hands and ultimately make a true difference in their lives, and enhance their lives, where I know they will be walking taller, brighter, more empowered, with a smile, and possibly even ‘whistling Dixie’. This is the affirmation that I would take from the blog. The easier and more accessible you make your counsel, your advice, your teachings, the more people you can reach and touch. The bigger difference I can make! Can I ask for anything more? I think not.
    Now some may say upon reading my two cents, “Yeah, but she didn’t even mention the whole concept of making money, getting her return in her investment of blood, sweat, time and sacrifice. That was the point of the blog, wasn’t it?” My answer is that money was not my take away from it… money is the positive incidental that I may be found worthy of earning should I successfully accomplish that which I have set off to do. So, of course I didn’t!! Why? Well, the answer is already written above, but for those who missed it, it’s because I have a want, maybe even a need to be heard. I have important things to impart to the world, extraordinary approaches that I truly believe differ from those others that may be selling a similar idea. And since it is extremely important to me that I finally put my nose to the grindstone and offer to the world my approach, my heart and soul, of my proposed movement (whatever it is foretold to be in specific), then coat tails I shall ride, and let the other chips fall where they may!

    1. I’m glad you were able to see it our way! Just like we mentioned in one of our previous blog posts, “money is only a byproduct of our strategy.” If you center your attention on a specific problem and provide the best solution or service to said problem then money will inevitably follow— but it won’t come if your main focus isn’t on helping your clients!

  5. I don’t want to read between the lines but I feel as you had a bad day and you were triggered by one or more of the applicants!

    1. I wouldn’t say that per se… We want our authors to make a meaningful difference in their readers lives, so it does become frustrating when aspiring authors don’t want to work from their zone of genius!

  6. I don’t know what your voice sounds like but I swear I heard every word. I could even see the intensity in your eyes. Reading this felt like getting slapped in the “DUH”. And I don’t even know if I can explain what that means but… wow. Just wow. I truly, completely NEEDED to read this. I think you’re an angel or a fairy God mother maybe. I am so grateful for my eyes and my brain that made reading this possible. Gaaaawwssshhh!

    1. We truly appreciate your kind words Terania, but we don’t want to take all the credit— the muses always guide us in the right direction.

  7. I read this and thought ‘wow’ have they been spying on me?
    This is exactly the book I’ve been working on for 3 years now and it’s not happening. I can’t find my voice, I can’t see my reader….etc etc.
    Back to the drawing board.
    Question….are your courses always held in USA?

    1. That’s exactly why we exist! To help aspiring authors find their readers and their voices. Our courses can be taken virtually, but we do have a few optional in person events authors can attend (and you’ll want to attend!).

  8. The heck with the penny, you can have the whole roll! That was a kick-ass, straight no chaser, bam in your face, shit or get off the pot commentary.

  9. I loved this line: “Successful movements aren’t often linear and will actually demand you to adjust course as the landscape changes.” I find it very applicable!

    1. Many people think it’s best to make a plan and stick to it, but really the beauty of these movements is that they’ll take you places you never expected to go! Sometimes that’s exactly what we need.

    1. Beautifully written. I chuckled to myself a couple of times. Because while everything made sense, some things enlightened me. Very nice read.

  10. Barbara Turnage

    But here’s the thing: nearly everybody who wants to write a world-changing book believes “self-love” is the problem that needs to be solved and should be the focus of their book.

    Do you mean lack of “self-love” the problem? or people loving themselves too much (as in being selfish) the problem? In my humble opinion, both options create problems for us individually and corporately. Both are forms of Pride.

    One says “I’m not worthy, I hate myself etc. the other says, I am super important, what I have to say is more important than what anyone else has to say etc… creating an under-inflated ego or over-inflated ego.

    So, I guess I do not fit into that “nearly everybody” sees “that” as being the problem…lol! I see the problem as “where” the source of Love is coming from:)
    I am happy to be pigeonholed into that source! LOL!!

    1. Amari meant it as those who lack self-love in their lives, but you’ve given me a whole other way to think about this! I agree with you Barbara. A lack of self-love or an abundance of it can both lead to unsavory results, which is why it’s important we strike a healthy balance. As for where that source of love is coming from? We strongly recommend it come from a supportive and reliable place!

  11. Michael Lafayette

    Encouraging and pungent !!! Your program/process cannot fail. You guys rock. You have the right ingredients.

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