Ready To Grow Your Coaching Business, Make A Bigger Impact, And Become An Abundant Coach?

Did you know that the “average” coach makes less than 30k a year, while the top 10% make well over 6 figures a year (with less work and stress)?

In this exclusive online training, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at what make the top coaches do differently, that the “average” coaches don’t…

See what you can do to grow your coaching business, get paid what you deserve and make a bigger impact on the world.

Ready To Become An Abundant Coach?

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Here’s some of the other coaches we’ve helped...

Coltrane Lord uses writing, ritual, shadow work, archetypes & Photography to help women unveil the hidden secrets & superpowers that align with their soul purpose.
Dr. Shaunna Menard pivoted from work she wasn’t passionate about to six-figure months serving health coaches.
Megan Jo went from inconsistent revenue to regular five-figure months by helping women find their voice in her Rockstar camps.

What you’ll learn

In this all action, no fluff training – you’ll learn:

The super simple “secret” that 6 and 7 figure coaches know, that the “average” coach doesn’t, and how this one simple thing (when done properly) will change your coaching business and your life…
Strategies to help you get in front of your DREAM clients, without any of the icky, sleezy, high pressure sales stuff
How to have natural, authentic, and life-changing conversations with people, and have them begging you (and paying you) for MORE
How to make more of an impact on the world, without sacrificing your space, or your boundaries
In short – learn everything you need to do to become a successful, impactful, ABUNDANT 6 figure coach
Over the years, we’ve worked with over 1,100 coaches – helping them to go from inconsistent incomes, to building the business and lives of their dreams!

76% of our coaches make over 6 figures a year, and 24 of them are now millionaires.
Are you our next 6 or 7 figure coach?
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