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9 Publishing Facts Even the Smartest Coaches Don’t Always Know

jack3In a few weeks we’ll be publishing ten new books. I can’t wait to tell you about all of them—so much amazing content—but first, a story. One of these new books we’re about to release is a brilliant memoir from shooting star men’s coach, Mike Hrostoski. As we were prepping the books to go live, I got an email from Mike asking a great question:


“I’m curious, what’s the value add that The Difference Press brings to justify the 50% commission?”

As I was answering his question, I realized I wanted to share that answer with you, too, because it occurred to me that if someone as close to me as Mike is doesn’t know what a publisher does, then you might not either!

Step nine in my ten-step DIFFERENCE Process for writing a book that matters is Create Your Masterpiece. This step is all about finding the right publishing option for you. Publishing runs along a continuum from do-it-yourself to get a big-name publisher to do it for you with a whole range of “pay people to do it for you” options in the middle.

This next point is the most important one I’m going to make in this email, so you might want to pay attention: There is no one, right answer for how to publish your book. The key is to understand what goes into publishing and then make the right decision for YOU—to create YOUR masterpiece.

This (in part) is what I shared with Mike.

Basically here’s what a publisher does:

  1. Cover design
  2. Interior design
  3. ISBN, UPC, LCCN and copyright 
  4. Marketing copy (aka back cover copy)
  5. Distribution strategy, including keywords and categories
  6. Proofing of content and layout
  7. Management of various platforms, programs and promotions
  8. Marketing services including social media, PR, and email
  9. Book strategy advice

In our case, we also have programs that include other services like coaching, editing, web page creation, lead generation management, and review services. Other publishing companies offer marketing services, PR, book trailers and much more. Your job as an author-in-transformation is to learn what options are out there so you can make the best choice for your book.

Most publishing options require you to spend between $1,500 and $5,000—sometimes more.Difference Press doesn’t charge you up front like most publishers do. We see it as a joint venture, one where we don’t make money unless you do. That’s why we split the revenue 50/50 with all of our authors. You provide the content and subject matter expertise. We provide the creative and technical know-how and muscle to get a book published quickly and professionally, and we work together to market the book so your message gets out to the broadest possible market.

I’m not saying this is the only way, or even the best way to publish your book, but if you have a book that is likely to be of interest to the people on our list (life coaches and other self-growth oriented readers), and you don’t want to shell out thousands of dollars up front to pay for publishing services … then we might be an option worth exploring.

Take a look at to learn more.

One more thing …  can you do me a favor? If you know someone who is writing a book and thinking about what the right publishing option is for them, can you let them know about my free SHOULD I SELF PUBLISH? Kit? The kit includes a twelve-page eGuide, an hour-long teleclass about self-publishing options, and a free consultation with me. It’s worth over $150.00 and I’m giving it away because I really want authors like Mike, like you, and like the other smart peeps you know that are writing books, to know about all of their options before they take the plunge!

You can get it at

P.S. NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. Would you like to start and finish your book in November? I’m gonna. Join me?

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