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3 Myths about what it takes to write a book

About 11 weeks ago challenged myself to get 5 authors from “I want to write a book” to being a fully-fledged published author in 13 weeks. At first, I was going to let 5 people into the program and at the last minute I was filled with fear and doubt.

What if all 5 don’t finish? I’ll be a total failure!!!

So instead of 5 participants – I squeezed in 10 and figured half would drop out. That way, I thought in an attempt to outwit the universe, I’ll still look good in your eyes. (cuz that’s what matters, right?)

Boy was I wrong! I am thrilled to announce, not 5, not 7, not even 9 authors have finished there books – BUT….

All 10 have finished their books and will be published authors on December 1st.  All 10.

Imagine you signed up for a running class with 10 people who said they wanted to run a marathon in 13 weeks. You know how many would actually run the marathon? Probably 5.

Or let’s say you sign up for a 13 week calculus class at a community college. How many people that start the class will finish it? 7 of 10… maybe 8.

But in this program every single participant will have written a book, and got it published, and prepared a marketing plan, in just 13 weeks. That just doesn’t happen!



So I’m asking myself – why did this work? And why did I think it wouldn’t.

And that’s when I realized there are a lot of myths about what it takes to write a book –  myths even I believed — and this program busted those myths for me.


Here are just 3 of the myths I’ve discovered:

  1. It takes a lot of time to write a bookSarah Yost helped me pop this myth when I participated in her excellent Shiny Object School course. Actually WRITING the book – actually doing just about ANYTHING – doesn’t really take that long. It’s all the hemming and hawing and gearing up that takes so damn long. 1,000 words an hour. 30,000 words. Writing a book can take as little as 30 focused hours.
  2. Successful authors can block out the distractions to get their book done. Eff that. Who are you a superhero? Successful authors know what they are good at, embrace their weaknesses and get help to block out the distractions because they get that it’s too much to ask of themselves to block out the distractions and be creatively brilliant. (THIS ONE WAS HUGE – Thanks to author Caren Albers for helping me figure this one out.)
  3. Listening to the experts yields the greatest chance at making a difference. Man did I have this one wrong!!! All the advice in the world can’t hold a candle to your instincts. Authors Mike Hrostoskiand Alina Bas brought this one home for me and it’s now a part of my book coaching tool set. Listen to my raw, behind the scenes conversation with Mike at We learned a lot from each other getting his best seller live. You’ve got to get a copy of his book if you haven’t – thousands of people around the world are reading it. (

I have been helping bring books to live since March of 1994 – that’s almost 20 years (yes, I was just a toddler when I started, thanks for asking). 20 years and I am still seeing myths get shattered. Everything is changing. More wisdom is needed. Now more than ever.

Your voice could make a real difference. Who are you to keep that from someone you could help?

There’s still time to participate in my Free Your Inner Author program — all 6 weeks of classes on your choice of video, audio or PDF, plus the Workbook, up to 3 one-on-one sessions with me and a bunch of other things I’m throwing in (like a free crowdsourcing campaign set up for you)–oh yeah–and at $100 off — if you commit this week. COUPON CODE: FYIA100OFF.


Together, we can change the world one book at a time. I really want you in that equation.

Love, Light & Visits from the Muses,


Angela_latest_signature_copyP.S. I had to mention this – one of the offers below is from Amy Pearsonforgive my fan girl moment – if you are trying to run a business and it isn’t working – please think about working with Amy. This program is just about the most important thing I think you can do if you are struggling (well, that and write a book). I am in awe of the work Amy is doing in this program – transparent, powerful, and REAL. Just really, really, real. I think I might be an affiliate of hers but I don’t have the link active so I won’t make a dime if you buy anything from her and that’s fine with me – I just want you to know how much I support and believe in her work. If my opinion means anything to you – please take a minute to read and consider if her offer is a fit for where you are. When I read it – I remembered where I was a few years ago and burst into uncontrollable tears. This could be the program that takes your business from struggling to soaring. I want that for you so badly and I really think Amy can help.

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