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11 Books, 11 #1 Bestsellers

This week we added another eleven #1 bestsellers to our catalog. Each of these authors now has a bestselling book that they can use to create change in peoples’ lives, fill their client rosters, get them the paid writing and speaking opportunities that they want, and make the difference they were born to make in the world.

What’s more, we set another record for ourselves – ALL 11 books reached the #1 bestseller position in at least one category before dinnertime on launch day!

And we’ve broken through the 115 bestsellers in-a-row mark!

I couldn’t be more proud of our latest authors and their achievements.

All of the authors this time are first-time, except Jill Angie who published her second book, Not Your Average 5K. Since publishing her first book with us she’s grown from a newbie personal trainer to a professional running coach with a Facebook community of 3,112 people, a full client roster, and 5x more monthly revenue. And now her second book is going to take her to a whole new level! 

The books are free on Amazon for about another 48 hours. Here are the links to download them are below:

Elizabeth DiAlto
Untame Yourself: Reconnect to the Lost Art, Power and Freedom of Being a Woman

Alina Frank
How to Want Sex Again: Rekindling Passion with EFT

Gerilynn Moline
Reboot Yourself!: A Non-Geek’s Guide to Reversing Chronic Illness and Early Aging

Jeanne D. Andrus
I Just Want to Be ME Again: A Guide to Thriving Through Menopause

Jill Angie
Not Your Average 5K: A Practical 8-Week Training Plan for Beginning Runners

Melissa Courtney
Waking Up With Dogs: Beginning at the End

Lisa Dennys
Unveiling Lyme Disease: Is This What’s Behind Your Chronic Illness?

Rachel Dunn
Better Videos: Stand out. Be Seen. Create Clients.

Leah Ruppel
Growing Your Separate Ways

Candice Ragland
Invisible Dad

Lisa Danylchuk
Embodied Healing: Using Yoga to Recover from Trauma and Extreme Stress


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