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1 Weird Trick to Writing a Book that Makes a Difference

Have you seen those advertisements that offer to teach you 1 weird trick about losing belly fat or 1 unusual tip for treating toenail fungus? They are sort of everywhere these days and I realized I should probably tell you why they work.


You probably don’t have millions of dollars for an online marketing campaign like the guys behind those ads, but you can steal this one weird trick from them.

The reason these ads work is that they identify a problem (belly fat or toenail fungus for instance) and they offer relief to that problem and that problem only.
Imagine the solution you think they are providing? A tincture maybe? A pill? A potion? That’s what they want you to think. These ads engage you with the promise of a fix – and an easy one at that.

Forget about finding a niche. The key to making a difference in the world with your book or business is identifying and solving a problem.

Your solution might be mindfulness, thought work, journaling, reiki, EFT or something else. The only thing that matters about the solution is that YOU believe in it and you know it works. But prospective clients and readers aren’t usually comparing solution options – they want to find someone who truly, deeply, and soulfully understands their problem. That’s where all books that matter start.

ASK YOURSELF: What problem can your approach to life solve?

Wanna brainstorm with me?Set up a free 30 minute consultation and we can talk about how you can tweak this one aspect of how you present yourself and the world and exponentially effect your ability to make a difference.

P.S. If you have a couple book ideas and aren’t sure which is best, I’d be happy to give you my professional opinion. I’m coming up on 100 books that I’ve help bring into the world, and I’ve learned a think or two along the way. Happy to share what I know – gratis, obvi.

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