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1 of my dating stories

About a year ago I got divorced (after a protracted and expensive separation and custody fight) and started dating.

Now before I go on with this story, let me promise you there is a point and it relates to you, so hang with me for a second…

I figured I’d go online, meet someone nice, and we’d start dating and at first it seemed like that was exactly what was happening. But my goal “meet someone nice” was so vague. I met plenty of nice people. In fact, I’ve had 33 first dates in the last year. A lot, right? But it took me 32 dates to figure out what I meant by “nice”. (Hat/tip to Super Authenticity Coach Jeffrey Platts for helping me put my finger on that.)

Jeffrey said, don’t worry about what you want in a man, just list off everything you DIDN’T like about the 32 people you dated. Doing that was easy! Way easy…And then, he explained, turn them around and there is your list of what you are looking for.

It came down to a really simple list. It wasn’t about what the guy looked like, where he lived, or what he did for a living (all the things I was interested in on those first 32 dates) – it was about how I was treated and how I felt when I was with the guy.

Ready for the shocker? Date #33 had everything on my list but I almost missed it because holy cow does the package look different than I expected. (That’s not to say he’s not cute. He is super cute.) I’ll save the salacious stuff for when we can grab a drink, because trust me it’s a story that requires alcohol, but this is what I absolutely need you to understand…


So many coaches and entrepreneurs tell me they want a successful book – but they haven’t defined success. And those that have, have defined it so narrowly that there’s no room for The Universe to breath so you can manifest it. You have to be open to the result looking different from what you expect. Actually, you have to be open to letting go of expectations at all and just trust the net to appear when you leap.

Okay here’s where you come in, because I assume you aren’t looking to me for dating secrets – that’d be dumb.

Whether you have a super specific idea for a book or a coaching program, or a boyfriend – or if you have this vague idea a book or a coaching program or a boyfriend would be nice – you are going to have trouble making it happen. There are pockets of head-space that make manifesting crazy-easy and to get to those working with a coach (especially a good one like Jeffrey) can make things happen so much faster.

Lemme know if you want to make things happen faster with your book. You know I’d love to help. I’m goofy about books!

Oh and hey, don’t everyone call me and ask me about my new guy all at once… I’m trying not to jinx it – not that I believe in that sort of thing!

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