Apply To Work With The Author Incubator

  • Read This First

The Author Incubator was founded in Washington DC in 2010 as a home for life coaches and other healing professionals committed to writing books that make a difference. In the last two years we have published over 200 best selling books in a row, but most importantly our authors have collectively influenced over 1,000,000 readers around the world.

Unlike other publishers, which often focus on book sales and revenue for the publisher, we are committed to the success of our authors in the creation of the book, the publishing of the book, and in the promotion of the book and related programs, and to the readers in getting them the help and personal transformation they need. The majority of our authors are experts in some aspect of personal growth or small business. Common topics include health and wellness, branding and marketing, relationships and family, career and work, medical conditions and challenges, wholeness and self-love, surviving difficult transitions, among others. You can see the full catalog of our titles at

The Author Incubation Process gives you everything you need to go from an idea to a published best seller including audio and video training programs to make sure you write the book that is going to give your message the maximum effectiveness, a private Facebook community, Q & A calls, a personal Developmental Editor, Proofreading Services, interior and cover design, Publishing Services and Book Marketing. We also offer printing services, distribution services of your print book, and 100 copies of your book plus the opportunity to purchase additional copies for half off the cover price. You’ll also have the opportunity for us to introduce you to a traditional, New York based publisher that can get your book into book stores and sell foreign rights of your book. Every author, whether they publish with us, self-publish, or work with a traditional publisher, is invited to a live RED CARPET book celebration at The Author Castle followed by an exclusive, two-day book marketing workshop.

  • How Do I Know I’m Ready To Write A Book?

Most aspiring authors are not sure how to prepare themselves for interview with a company like The Author Incubator. We receive around 9 applications for every place in our programs, and we think and work unlike a traditional publisher in almost every way.

We’re not looking for great writers or artists – we’re looking for people with a key set of characteristics who are committed to making a difference in the world.

Here’s what we look for in a great application:


You’re ready to do everything it takes to transform yourself and your readers. You’re ready to invest in yourself so you’ll have the professional help and support you need to impact thousands of people. You will dedicate a significant amount of time to publishing your book and executing the marketing plan we will help you develop.


You’re committed to taking action now, rather than committed to not taking action through more research, courses, and workshops.


You have a servant’s heart and will write your book to help and serve others (as opposed to fulfilling an ego-based dream of being a published author).

If you have these qualities, then we have everything we need to help you create a bestselling book and change thousands of lives. They must shine through your written application for you to make it through our interview process.

Watch This Video Before You Apply

  • The Process To Apply

The application process is simple. Just:

  • Make sure you watch the video above
  • Fill out the application form (below) completely and to the best of your ability
  • Watch the video at the end of the application form
  • Select your interview time
  • At the selected time, you’ll join the video conference


  • If your application lacks integrity we will cancel your interview and it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to apply again. (Reminder: you don’t need to have a fully-formed idea yet – we’ll help you with forming an idea for a book that makes a difference that achieves your goal. But if it’s obvious that you put 5 minutes into completing this application, we will not put energy into helping you.)
  • If your application is incomplete, we’ll cancel your interview.
  • If you don’t schedule an interview time after watching the video at the end of the form, we’ll file away your application and you won’t be able to join the program.
  • Start Your Application

I hereby apply to be incubated by the Difference Press and the team at The Author Incubator. If accepted, I agree to be bound by the rules of the program and community.

Please note that all sections must be completed in order for this application to be submitted to the acquisitions committee. Any application missing information will be deemed incomplete and not considered.

All information shall be treated in confidence.

This form will take around ten minutes to complete and the information video afterwards about 30 minutes to watch. (You can submit your application now, then return and watch the video later)