Want to Get Your Book Written & Published in Just 13 Weeks?

AngelainFrameI have a confession to make. For 3 years I’ve been coaching authors-in-transformation on how to write a book that matters. My clients have great ideas and I know I’m a good coach. But I’ve been frustrated. I’ve been frustrated that more of my clients haven’t finished their book.

For a while I thought that meant that I was a bad coach. But then I looked at all the weight loss coaches I knew who had clients who didn’t reach their goal weight and I thought, maybe it’s not me – it’s my clients. And I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.

I tried that, but that didn’t feel good either. I wanted to see these ideas come to life. I wanted my client’s words to be out there changing the world and not stuck in email exchanges between the two of us.


That’s why I was so excited when all 10 participants in the pilot cohort of my 13 Weeks to Published program finished their books! They went from having a vague idea about a book to being a published author with their book making money on Amazon in just 13 weeks!

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

If you are like the authors in this pilot program, you have wanted to write a book for a long time, maybe you have even started a book… or two… or three… but somehow, as hard as you have tried to make your book a priority other things keep getting in the way.

Some of the authors I work with have fears about their writing abilities or whether or not what they have to say is important enough. For others the challenge is making the time to write their books or having the accountability to see it through to the end.

It’s not just finding the time and confidence to write that is an obstacle. The logistics of finding an editor, hiring an experienced designer, and figuring out all the technicalities of publishing stops many authors-in-transformation.

Have any of these challenges stopped you from writing your book?

My name is Dr. Angela Lauria. I am the founder of The Author Incubator and I work with coaches, entrepreneurs, and writers who want to change the world with their words. Since 1994, I have worked as a researcher, author, editor, designer, and publisher, but it wasn’t until 2010 that I realized I didn’t want to work on just any book.

In 2006 I was a new mom with a marriage that was falling apart and a baby who never stopped crying. As if things weren’t bad enough, 6 days before Christmas I was fired from my dream job. Driving home from being fired I stopped at a gas station, filled up my car, and broke down into a sobbing mess. I was lost. Everything I had worked so hard to achieve was crumbling underneath my feet and I felt helpless to stop it.

That’s when I discovered the work of Martha Beck. Before I took my next job I wanted to find my life’s purpose. I read every word and did every exercise in Martha’s book Finding Your Own North Star, but there was one exercise I could never complete. In the book Martha asks: “WHAT DO YOU LOSE TRACK OF TIME DOING?”

I had no idea. And so I picked up another book, and then another, and then another. I spent my unemployment checks on reading personal growth books and trying to figure out what I lost track of time doing.

And that’s when I realized, what I lost track of time doing was reading books on topics I’m passionate about!

Since that realization, I have coached over 100 authors-in-transformation about writing their books. Thousands of others have participated in my group classes and training calls. I feel lucky and blessed every day to help my clients turn their dream of being an author into a reality. But I wanted MORE for my clients. I wanted faster results. I wanted more books in the world!

You’ll be focusing solely on writing your book while a team of book experts dedicated to your success takes care of everything else.

When I came up with the idea for 13 Weeks to Published, it was really a challenge to myself to see how many authors I could get to crank out a book. I guessed half of the participants would be able to keep up the pace we set for them and make it to the end of the 13 weeks with a finished book.

But I was wrong!!!

And I love being wrong!!!

All 10 participants in the pilot program that started their book finished it.


We unlocked the key to quickly writing a powerful book. This program solved the time and accountability challenges most of my clients faced. By having a professional editor and a book coach at each author’s beck-and-call we were able to address writer’s blocks and stylistic challenges. Plus, we put all the logistics on our team, so the authors could be free to write.

The Author Incubator team anticipated the road blocks our authors were likely to face and we addressed them in advance or shortly after they came up.

That was it!

It’s not about authors trying harder or working longer hours or forcing their butts into the writing chair. It’s about nurturing, support, and help! It’s about clearing the path so our writers could say what they were born to say.


If you’ve been telling yourself you just need more time or more knowledge to get your book done, that excuse just went up in smoke.

And the results speak for themselves. These books include a memoir, a romance novel, a how to book, several personal growth books, and a couple investigative journalism style pieces. It doesn’t matter what the genre was – these books were ready to be born and the 13 Weeks to Published program was the perfect incubator for 100% success.


No one was more shocked than I! Even after 3 years of working with authors, it never occurred to me that the stress of having to figure out every detail of writing and publishing their books was the exact thing slowing them down. They didn’t need me to TELL them what to DO. They needed me to DO it – so they could focus on writing.

I am proud of each of these 10 books. For most authors it’s their first book and for most it’s the best writing they have done.

The thing that separates you from authors with a finished book is at your fingertips.

They learned how to work with a developmental editor, they learned how marketing is built into the book development phase, and they learned how to break their writing down into short assignments – most turned in just 5-10 pages a week. Writing one solid page a day (about 500 words) was enough to have a finished, published, FOR SALE, book at the end of 13 weeks.


Maybe, just maybe, the idea that writing a book is hard is a myth!

Maybe, just maybe, the idea that authors need to FOCUS more is hogwash. Maybe authors need to focus on writing and wrap themselves in blankets of love and support.

Maybe, just maybe, you can write a book and have it published by April 8, 2014 – and still keep up with everything else on your plate for the next few months.


13 Weeks to Published is for 20 people who want to write a book that matters.

The truth is, you can hire a book coach, an editor, a designer, and a book marketing specialist. You can figure out how to set up your book on Amazon. This stuff isn’t rocket science. But maybe that’s the problem.


I see author after author telling themselves they should be able to do all of this themselves and that’s why they barely get past the first few pages of writing. It just gets to be too hard.

I know you saw the $7,500 price tag above and you got worried, but that’s not how much this program costs. That’s how much it would cost if you did this yourself.

I’ve created this program to make it possible for anyone who wants to be a published author in 13 weeks to participate.


Here’s exactly what you’ll get in 13 weeks.


  • An understanding of the 10 steps to writing a book that makes a difference.
  • Access to a professional editor and a certified life coach to help you with technical or emotional hiccups that come up along the way
  • A professionally designed book that you can use to boost your credibility in your marketing.
  • Your book live for sale on Amazon.com.
  • A network of early readers/reviewers to help you market your book


Here’s how it works:

You’ll pay a deposit of $2,000 for us to shepherd your book through the process. Even if you don’t have a solid idea for your book we’ll get you there. Once your book comes out, we’ll repay your deposit in full before our revenue share clicks in. Most of our authors will get their deposit back within 6 months of publication.

As a participant you get 2 group training classes, 2 private strategy sessions, 6 check ins with a development editor dedicated to your success, 24 hour access to a book coach to get you out of any jams, design and publishing services and help distributing and marketing your book. And you will be part of a community that is as committed to making a difference in the world as you are to remind you why you need to finish your book and help people.


This isn’t a program that TEACHES you how to do something. This is a program that guarantees if you do the assignments you will have a finished, published book in just 13 weeks. It’s not another program where you walk away with to do lists and action items that you never have time to finish.



13 Weeks to Published is not for you if…

  • You think you maybe, kinda, sorta want to write a book.
  • You’re not open to giving new approaches a genuine chance to succeed.
  • You give up when things become a little hard, uncomfortable, or scary.
  • You’re not willing to put in the effort to get the results you want.
  • You’re looking for someone else to write your book for you.
  • You don’t want to make a positive difference in the world.



P.S. I asked the authors who published their books as part of the pilot program what they would say to a friend who was thinking of investing in 13 Weeks to Published – here’s one of those responses: “You will learn WAY more than you thought possible; you’ll master authorship skills and techniques you didn’t know existed; you’ll find the inspiration to write the book you’ve been thinking about for years; and you’ll get mentored like you’ve never been mentored before.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of books are you interested in?
We have the most experience with personal growth/self-help books, but we also enjoy publishing fiction, memoir, creative non-fiction, poetry, how to, and business books. Children’s books and erotica are not currently genres we work with. But we are open to most book ideas that would fit in the bite sized (under 30,000 word) format.

What are my options if Kindle Singles doesn’t accept my book? 
No matter what you will have a book published on the Kindle platform (KDP) as a part of this process. If you aren’t accepted to Kindle Singles you will still have a book that is optimized to perform well. We can also consider distribution on other eBook or print platforms at that point. There is no charge for the other eBook formats. There are some terms that apply to print books. You can see the contract for the details in case they apply in your case.

How much will we charge for my ebook?
The answer to that will require some research specific to your book – it will be between 99 cents and $4.99 but honestly probably between 99 cents and $2.99. We will do the competitive pricing analysis and suggest the appropriate price for your book.

How long is my ebook going to be?
We’ll figure that out together – between 20 and 120 pages is the short answer. Somewhere in the middle is a safe bet but it depends on lots of factors we’ll talk through together in the group training.

Can I use the book to support my brand/business?
Of course! Books are always great for your brand, but you should know Kindle Singles are not the ideal branding tool for most authors. You are not required to participate in the Kindle Singles submission process – but if you do, you will need to write your book in a way that may not be ideal for your brand. In order to leverage the Amazon search algorithms and be discovered we’ll need to use words in the title that folks are actually searching on. This means your cutesy branded terms like “The Author Incubator” aren’t good titles because those aren’t terms people tend to search on. To be a part of this program you need to be interested in growing your platform, people’s awareness of you, and selling ebooks. You’ll need to be flexible to meet the conditions of Kindle publishing success. That said we want you to be happy too so we’ll look for solutions that are good for business and your brand.

What are my future rights to my manuscript if, for example, I wanted to self publish hard/softcopies for my own use or sale? 
We claim exclusive eBook rights for 3 years. After that you can publish your own version of this work. Kindles Singles – should your work be selected – will likely have their own rules, which you need to agree to whatever they are.

It appears that a Kindle Singles author is not required to have as large a platform or following to drive sales as in traditional publishing. Kindle  appears to do the majority of the marketing through their reader/kindle owner base. Is this correct? 
Yes! What’s exciting about Kindle Singles is the promotional potential. If you are accepted you will reach a LOT of people you might not otherwise reach. But we’ll do our best even if you aren’t accepted to reach as many people as possible. You’ll learn the ins and outs of publishing options like applying to Kindle Singles in our group training calls.

Can the Kindle single be purchased through other e-readers like a Kobo or other device? 
Kindle readers are available as stand alone devices or apps in PCs, Macs, iPhones, and Android phones. So people with any of those devices can access singles.

Is the pricing related to the length in any way?
Probably not. Kindle Singles, for instance, are seen as long-form magazine pieces –meant to be disposable so we’ll want to stay at $2.99 and under in most cases I believe.

Is there any data on length related to sales? What’s the recommended length for non-fiction in this form if any? 
Yes! We’ll pick categories for your book that we think will have the greatest chance of success and then look for patterns with the best sellers in those categories. That’s how we’ll pick your length.

What are pricing percentages for Kindle and author?
Amazon will take 30% and we’ll split the balance evenly.

Are expenses other than the deposit incurred? 
Probably not. It’s possible if you go outside of our editing or design requirements you’ll be charged for that. Also if you decided you’d like to print your book there could be additional fees. See contract for details.

Is there a chance I might not get my deposit back?
Yes. It’s possible. Not likely. And if that happens it’s bad news for all of us. We are trying to write hits. Our goal is for you to get your deposit paid back in 3 months.

Who holds the copyright?
Writers retain all rights to their work.

Can I use content I’ve published before?
No. This must be original work, not previously published in other formats or publications and not published on any public website in its entirety.

If you still need more information, or you’d like to chat personally, I’m happy to spend 30 minutes with you. You can schedule that right here. It is not required.



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